Meet Artist & Founder of Nancie Lane

I was born in Brisbane to Nigerian parents, we moved to Nigeria when I was 3 years old and I returned to live in Brisbane in my twenties.

My art journey was not a straight path. Although I have been a creative all my life I studied human geography and economics and completed a Masters in resource economics and a Postgraduate degree in business administration. I have built a career in organisational management for over a decade while maintaining a creative practice during my spare time. In recent years, I finally decided to follow my dreams and devote myself fully to my creative practice. Art helped me find peace, meaning and joy and I found that all my years in my different professions shape the way I see and interpret the world. I enjoy exploring the deeper meanings and connections behind human interactions, nature and daily routines. 

My practice is founded on curiosity, storytelling and courage. Each artwork is a signpost in my journey to find the beauty in little moments; ponder the meaning and purpose of life; and seek the courage to live an authentic and compassionate life.

I enjoy all forms of artistic expression including visual art, music and performing art and I’m always ready for a deep and meaningful chat over a lactose free, hazelnut cappuccino.