About Us


Nancie Lane was founded in 2020 by Brisbane Artist Nancy Eluigwe. Our art and design studio creates and designs fresh, inspiring and vibrant art, stationery, gifts and decorative wares for home and business spaces.

The art behind each product is inspired by slow mindful living, authentic community connections and acceptance. Translating these values into art and products for home and business life empowers our customers to create spaces and rituals that allow them to retreat and nurture relationships with self, others and recover a sense of peace and gratitude.

The world is getting more and more frenetic and it is becoming harder for people to find or create a peaceful space where they can slow down, carve out nurturing time for themselves and to connect with the people in their world.

With anxiety becoming a global pandemic, nurturing and healing routines such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga are becoming a trend as people seek ways to find peace and retreat from the world.

Nancie Lane seeks to support these practices using the healing properties of art to empower our customers to create spaces that nurture wellbeing and mental health; make time for themselves, their families and their purpose; and in general, live a more mindful and intentional life.

We have also partnered with We Care Lekota Foundation and Grace N Grit Social Enterprise to support and further their work with nurturing and empowering widows, their children and trafficking victims  to heal and rebuild their lives. A portion of Nancie Lane profits will go to these organisations and we will also spend time working with them in their various programs. 


Nancie Lane art is unique in the way it draws inspiration from the slow African culture and juxtaposes this with themes of the western culture, nature and mindfulness to create a one of a kind artistic style that can only be found from Nancie Lane.