How are unframed prints shipped?

Unframed prints are shipped rolled in mailing tubes to protect them from being damaged in transit. When your prints arrive we recommend the following precautions when handling fine art prints:

*Keep handling to a minimum.
*Where possible, use cotton gloves to avoid the absorption of oils and/or marks from your fingers.
*To avoid damaging the printed surface, do not place the printed side face down on any surface or object.
*Do not expose your print to extreme temperatures or humidity.

If you need to flatten a curled print yourself, follow these instructions:

*Prepare a flat, smooth, hard work surface free of all debris, grit and dust.
*Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. We strongly recommend the use of cotton gloves if available.
*Starting at the edge closest to you, and keeping the tissue paper used during shipping in place, roll the print in the opposite direction to the curl. Be careful not to roll it too tightly or you may damage the print.
*Place the rolled print back into the shipping tube.
*Allow the print to sit. The amount of time required will generally be one to five hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
*Remove the print and unroll it image side up onto a flat surface.
*With the tissue paper covering the printed image, place a few smooth, flat, heavy objects on the ends of the print. Let the print sit for another few hours.
*Remove the heavy objects. If your print is still is not flat, let it sit with the heavy objects holding it down for another couple of hours.

During framing bear these tips in mind:
*The use of quality archival materials for mats, backings, spacers, as well as UV protected glass, will improve the long term archival properties of the print.
*Do not spray mount or use tape to adhere the print to a mounting board – the adhesive can cause damage to the paper

To store your prints:
Long term storage of unframed prints should be controlled for both humidity and temperature. Ideal conditions are 15-30 degrees and 30-55% relative humidity.

Handling & Shipping times?

In order to be ethical with environmental issues, most of our products are printed and shipped on demand. 
We work with printers and manufacturers in Australia, US, Europe and China. When you order, and depending on the item, we process the order through the printer/manufacturer that is closest to you so that you receive your order as soon as possible. This is usually between 7 to 10 business days.