May 19, 2020

Low Carb Waffles with Almonds & Oats

By Nancy Eluigwe
Low Carb Waffles with Almonds & Oats

Hurray for a waffle you can make without needing to have wheat flour and sugar in the pantry. With the scarcities in supermarkets during the covid19 being able to improvise has been necessary! And for some of us, the extra pounds gained from being stuck at home has also required a rethink of diet and exercise.

 Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about breakfast, diet or no diet, breakfast needs to be delish! 

These waffles tick all my boxes:

✔️ Low carb

✔️Not too sweet


✔️Hit with the kids

✔️Easy to find ingredients

✔️Quick to whip up

and I’ve made different versions with success! The picture above features a Belgian twist with choc chips. You can also add mashed bananas to the mix and reduce the eggs by one. So many ways, always an amazing breakfast! 


We love to pair the waffles with bacon & eggs, Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey and topped with mixed berries, avocado and fruit, peanut butter and honey, butter and jam or just with butter.

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...And just because these waffles need to be served up with a huge dollop of prettiness, why not indulge in the Nancie Lane beauties below to take things up a notch? 

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xo Nancie 




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